Charly vom TANNENECK


Charly vom Tanneneck (Sakko)

Née: 14.10.06

HD/B, ED/Frei, DNA, RST, BBT, PrZTP, PrGekoert, CSAU, BH, IPO3

(Ulix v Turnleberg  x  Xanta v Hohegeiss)

66cm, 47kg (@ 6 ans)

Linebreeding: 4/4 Jero v Kressbach   4/4 Aki vd Peeler Hutte

Sakko is born in Germany and comes from the very best German working lines of its time. He is an ever-cheerful dog, big and athletic build, is very intelligent and friendly with everyone. His dominance is average, his self-confidence is high and its sharpness is higher than average. He has a very high food and balldrive and is very easy to focus. In the bitework, he always has a full, calm and hard grip. On exhibition he balanced somewhere between TB & EX. Here you see Sakko and myself in action  and