HD/A, HD/Frei = Hip dysplasia perfect

HD/B, HD+/- = Hip dysplasia very good


ED/0, ED/Frei = Elbow dysplasia perfect

ED/1 = Elbow dysplasia very good

ED/2 = Elbow dysplasia fair


DNA = Genetic prove


FTT = Breed authorisation LOSH

BBT = Basic breed test

RST = Breed standard test BRK

ZTP = German Breed standard test

Gekoert = Advanced Breeding promotion

TAN.TC.TU = French Rottweilerclub Ringsport test


TSG = Social behaviour test SRSH

CSAU = Social behaviour test FR

EG = Basic obedience

BH = Obedience + sociability exam

IPO1, 2, 3 = German utility dog exam

POL.DH = Police Dog exam

MONDIO1, 2, 3 = International Ringsport

KNPV PH1, PH2 = Dutch Ringsport

K-9 = Service Dog


CAC = Point for show Championship

BOB = Best of breed on show

CH = Champion

Idur vom Schloss Hexental, Multi Working Champion in Russia (Trainer: Natalya Kotin)


Links:  (Link to tape ears from puppies)