Today's dog breeding faces very big challenges all over the world ! All breeds of dogs are weakening, more and more hereditary problems are emerging, the character is weakening, etc... And this despite all the attempts of the Kennel Clubs and/or breed clubs. In other words, the policy of these clubs is not satisfactory or this policy is not applied (or not enough), or does it pay importance to problems which are not of importance major (appearance).

The great culprit is called "inbreeding", it is a statement with which we do NOT agree. Comparisons are always made between domestic breeding (human selection) and nature (natural selection). Inbreeding occurs more in the wild than with domestic reproduction. The culprit responsible for dog diseases is "the sentiment of the owners" ! As mentioned earlier, continuous inbreeding takes place in a wolf pack, for example, there is a very high concentration of the same genes in each wolf population and yet wolves remain resilient and healthy. How is it possible ? Well, it is because natural selection eliminates weak and/or sick animals (because they die) or as a result of which they (in the best of cases) can no longer reproduce. Only the strongest animals that are best suited to the environment survive. In this way, the population remains healthy and can continue to exist. If we dog breeders could apply the same standards, all breeds of dogs would immediately lose many breeding animals because they are too weak/sick. It is of course impossible to really start to select nature (no medication, no medical interventions, etc.), but our vision is as close as possible to that of mother nature.

The Hexental kennel imposes strict obligations and considers breeding from its own perspective. Each puppy that is born with us comes from parents who have received the "Certificate of Excellence". This certificate is also given to all puppies that we think are worthy.


What does the “Certificate of Excellence” mean ?

Well, for us in the first place "health". All animals that comply with this certificate may not be on medication (long-term cortisone, long-term antibiotics or any long-term medication given), may not have had any medical surgeries (due to an car accident for example, this obviously does not apply).

In second place comes "character", by which we mean dogs that meet our character requirements (reactions and impulses). We have a very personal vision of what a character dog is and what is not. The current decline of each dog sport (constantly lowering the standards because there are not enough participants !) is not the ideal selection method to determine the character. Knowing that training methods are constantly improving, which is not good for breeding either. The only positive thing about the canine sports in question (RCI, Ring, KNPV, etc.) is that each participant must prove that he has a certain portion of "balls" and health in order to succeed.

“Beauty” then comes in 3rd position, naturally according to our own vision of things. What is nice for us may not be for another breeder. We are looking for a breed-typical athletic working dog.

Some of you may think "yes, anyone can promise these things and issue certificates". Everyone who knows us personally knows that we are no-nonsense people. There is a difference between people who promise something and people who do something. To quote: "A man is only as good as his word"... Thus, with this certificate, we give our written word of honor that both parents respect this code of ethics*.

*If the stud comes from a third party, the same promise must be endorsed by his owner.